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Applicable for kidzooona Normal Outlet:
1. kidzooona - AEON Bukit Indah
2. kidzooona - AEON Mall Kulaijaya
3. kidzooona - AEON AU2 (Setiawangsa)
4. kidzooona - AEON Cheras Selatan
5. kidzooona - AEON Mall Shah Alam
6. kidzooona - AEON Rawang
7. kidzooona - AEON Taman Equine
8. kidzooona - Empire Subang
9. kidzooona - IOI City Mall
10. kidzooona - AEON Bandaraya Melaka
11. kidzooona - Mahkota Parade
12. kidzooona - AEON Bukit Mertajam
13. kidzooona - AEON Ipoh Station 18
14. kidzooona - AEON Mall Klebang
15. kidzooona - AEON Seri Manjung
16. kidzooona - AEON Taiping
17. kidzooona - 1 Borneo Hypermall
18. kidzooona - Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
19. kidzooona - The Spring Shopping Mall
20. kidzooona - Vivacity Megamall

*Each e-ticket is valid for 1 months from the date of purchase. Kindly redeem your Normal Passport Coupon from the Branch above.
Terms and Condition


kidzooona is an unique discovery learning centre for children. Based on a hands-on concept from Japan, the centre provides a safe indoor playground environment for children to learn from playing games.

At kidzooona children can play fun games such as the slider, air bouncer, ball-pool and narikiri.

Narikiri is especially unique with shop lots, such as a supermarket, kitchen and beauty salon, as well as amenities such as a bank is available for children to play in. These lots allows children to expand their learning as far as their imagination will go. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate to assist in the growth of the children’s imagination.

The cyber-wheel is a unique opportunity for children to have fun while staying active. A note of warning to parents/guardians: the children might have so much fun that you may get jealous because you can’t join them! Children go into a doughnut shaped ball and roll around while encased within.

There are other games and toys available for children to play with in kidzooona such as rocking horses, tablet, air track, pin screen, DIY , kinetic sand, tractor and soft toys.

We aspire to create an environment where learning, socializing and becoming active intertwine naturally.

The indoor playground is easily accessible as we currently have 26 outlets in major shopping malls nationwide. All our outlets are clean and well-maintained, making it a safe environment for your child to play, learn and socialize.

Socks are required for all participants entering kidzooona.




1. This e-ticket and booking confirmation must be PRINTED and presented together with a valid form of identification (e.g. NRIC, Passport) for check-in.
2. The Main traveller must be present on the date of visit to redeem the ticket at the ticketing counter with his/her identification.
3. The name entered in this e-ticket must match the name in the form of identification.
4. This e-ticket is valid for single redemption and entry only - all tickets purchased must be redeemed at any one time; no partial redemptions are allowed.
5. This e-ticket is to be used only on the date of visit stated above.
6. There is no cancellation or refund of e-ticket upon confirmation of purchase.
7. For any unused tickets, no further re-validation or refund will be allowed.
8. This e-ticket is non-exchangeable for cash or any other items.
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13. E-tickets may not be used for touting purposes.
14. Other Terms & Conditions may apply depending on the amusement park and / or hotel.
15. HappyFun.Asia reserves the rights to amend these terms

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